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August 17, 2009

Why Everybody Should Know About 9/11

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Thank you for reading our website about 9/11.

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Here is our basic theory and explanation for 9/11:

The Bush Administration wanted war with Iraq before they even got into office, and more so after coming into office.  However they knew that the American public would not support a war.  They wanted to create an incident that would make Americans angry and afraid and blame this incident on somebody else.  That incident was the attacks of 9/11.  (See the PNAC page)

This short video is an analogy for why many Americans can’t see the truth about 9/11:

It\’s right in front of your eyes. Can you see it?

The newest and most exciting addition is our Freeway Blogging page.

In April 2009 a team of scientists led by Prof. Niels Harrit published a paper describing what they found in 4 samples of dust from the World Trade Center; red chips.  Upon scientific examination the scientists found that these red chips were made of a high tech military grade explosive called nano-thermite.  This is hard evidence that there were explosives used in the World Trade Center.  In short, the World Trade Center was blown up.

There is a chance we will actually have a new and independent and thorough investigation of 9/11.  See the NYCCAN page.  The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now is getting closer to putting a measure on the ballot for November, 2009 that would create a new commission to investigate 9/11.

Research to your heart’s content.  There is a ton of information that ties the government to 9/11, but you won’t see it on the evening news.



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